Beer Wine Food Festival

Wyoming, OH | October 7, 2016

Chalk Art

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Wyoming Ave will come alive with art, color and activity during theCure Starts Now’s Beer Wine & Food Festival.

Teams of talented street painting artists will transform Wyoming Avenue into an outdoor museum. Artists will create large scale reproduction of famous works of art directly on the street using specially hand-made pastels. These art pieces can last up to three months depending on weather and traffic.


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Children will also be given an opportunity to create their own masterpiece on the street.  Children who participate will receive a free Graeter's Chip Wheelies while supplies last. 

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Please come and watch as the art is being created and Wyoming Avenue becomes a museum of the street.


Elena Chalk  Elena Desserich 

The Cure Starts Now’s history is rooted in the arts. When the founders of Cure Starts Now’s daughter Elena was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, her outlet became drawing. Her painting “I Love You” was installed in the Cincinnati Art Museum beside her hero Pablo Picasso. That very painting became the charity’s very first fundraiser and now serves as the inspiration to The Cure Starts Now Logo. The Cure Starts Now is so proud to bring art back into the charity’s events through this street chalk art exhibition in memory of Elena and all the children battling cancer.


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