MacKenzie Barron, Indian Land SC Diagnosed with DIPG in June 2018 at the age of 3 and still fighting!  Mackenzie as their miracle baby after having a miscarriage. Her Daddy calls her Mouse and Mommy calls her the “sweetest, kindest, most giving child” and her “little princess.” She loves Minney Mouse, swimming with her siblings, Noah and Kayla, and staying up late with Daddy.  Mackenzie’s Dad is candid in saying he knows radiation is only prolonging the inevitable. He wants to find a cure, even if Mackenzie isn't a recipient.  He hopes she can be the one who “breaks the barrier” for other kids.



Roxli Doss, Kyle TX Diagnosed with DIPG in June 21, 2018 at the age of 10 and still fighting!  After experiencing headaches for weeks, a MRI revealed the tumor. Roxli Doss is a warm, kind hearted, animal loving, Angel of a child.  She is both sweet and fierce! She is the kind of kid that will beat you in race and then bake you cupcakes afterwards.  You can always find her outside enjoying her animals, making crafts, climbing trees, riding horses like a pro, or building sand castles on the beach!  She is strong in her faith and was baptized July 1st among family and close friends!



Deany Bandavanis, Pickerington Ohio Diagnosed with DIPG in March 2017 at age 6 and still fighting!  He received the standard radiation treatment and then went to Mexico for intra-arterial chemotherapy treatments.  After 11 treatments, his tumor has now metastasized.  Deany asked his Mom, “Why did this have to happen to “me?  Why did I have to get cancer? Will it ever go away?” This is the hardest thing a parent ever has to answer and creates the most helpless feeling. His Mom explained, ”I can't protect him from this monster, I can't stop the pain he feels, and I can't make him better.



Bridget Miksch, Austin TX Diagnosed with DIPG in August 2006 at the age of 14 and battled for 6 years.  She gained her angel wings a month after her 20th birthday. Bridget didn’t want many to know she had brain cancer because she wanted to be cancer free like every other kid.  She made sure to live life to the fullest. She was an artist and had a strong relationship with God. She drew pictures of the Mother Mary shortly before her death, and her Mom donates copies at fundraisers. Her parents want to help us create awareness and raise money to find a cure!



Zoey Flanders, Austin TX Diagnosed with grade 4 PNET (Pineoblastoma) in August 2016 at the age of 3 and battled 10 months.  This tumor can form in the brain or spine from undifferentiated nerve cells with five year survival rate at 50%.  Zoey had 2 brain surgeries, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy before spreading to the spine.  Zoey was all girl loving dolls, make up, Frozen, playing princesses.  She also was all boy loving Batman, Star Wars, lady bugs and pill bugs.  She was closest to her twin boy cousins and made sure to be in charge.  Her parents buried her close to Brock knowing they would have been friends! 



Chrisette Moore, Tyler TX Diagnosed with DIPG in January 2018 at the age of 5 and battled 6 months, 10 days! She received the standard radiation, had a shunt, and completed a trial in Georgia.  Sadly, her tumor metastasized in June. Chrissy graduated Pre-Kindergarten and was always smiling.  She loved swimming with family, collecting doss, and most of all cooking with her Mommy!  Her Mom will tell you Chrissy is a sweet, sassy, one of a kind daughter and forever missed.



Layla Evetts Waco, TX Diagnosed with DIPG in February 2018 at age 5 and still fighting!  Layla had abnormality in her eye and visited the ophthalmologist for two weeks before getting a MRI.  They hoped it was a bruised nerve, and instead received the devastating news revealing a tumor. She received radiation and is in a chemotherapy trial.  Her parents explained she is a fighter, believer, and little lady!  Layla is a twin and told her parents, “You know what, if the spot in my head is not gone, I’m not worried about it.God’s GONNA heal me. I mean He’s got the whole world in His hands, so that means He’s got me too!” 



Gabriella Torres, San Antonio TX Diagnosed with DIPG in March 2015 at the age of 5 and battled for almost 8 months!  She died a week after her 6th birthday and the day before her big Sister’s birthday.  Her parents explained she was sweet, smart, sassy, opinionated, strong willed, go getter, relentless, passionate and completed their party of 5!  Gabriella said during her battle that she wasn’t afraid of anything.  She said, “You don’t have to be afraid if God is with you.”  In May, they held a Cupcake 5K to give financial assistance to family’s fighting DIPG and also donated a portion to TheCureStartsNow.  



Mary Katherine Keller, Austin TX Diagnosed with DIPG in December 2017 at age 4 and battled 10 months!  Mary Katherine was creative, independent, loving, and lit up the room. She loved her three siblings, her friends, playing outside, singing, animals, her baby dolls, and Disney movies. Her parents have decided to fight this cancer with the strongest prayers and best medical science they can muster.



Scout Schulz, Georgetown, TX Diagnosed with Grade 4 Glioblastoma at age 2 and still fighting! She has had 3 brain surgeries and 7 out of 12 rounds of chemotherapy. Due to the location of the tumor, size, and bleeding, she had trauma to the right side of her body. As a result, she had to relearn to swallow, walk, and use her right hand. Through it all, she has kept smiling and relies on her big brother, Samson. He goes to all her appointments and therapy sessions and is her biggest cheerleader! She looks up to him in every way and “Bubba” is the first thing she asks for every morning! Scout also loves playing doctor and playing with her baby dolls!