Milford, CT
June 27, 2020
11:00AM - 6:00PM
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Event Details

Make your holiday beer run AND make a difference with this city-wide poker game! Walk, run, drive, or ride to some of Milford’s finest package stores and pick a playing card for your poker hand. Wear your best 4th of July swag and compete for great prizes! Must be 21 or older to claim prizes.

Saturday June 27, 2020
11:00AM - 6:00PM
Participating stores. Check our Facebook page for locations!
Registration Fees: $20 for 1 poker hand | $30 for 2 poker hands

Our Reason Why

Serena never missed the Bayview 4th of July parade. She was pulled in a wagon for her first one, and she was pushed in a wheelchair for her last one. The 4th of July is the day that fit her perfectly—loud, busy, and a little over the top.

Serena wanted to do something to help eradicate the incurable brain cancer that killed her. For her part, she made sure her brain tumor was given to research labs after she died. For our part, we’re honoring her memory with an event to celebrate her favorite holiday. In honor of Serena, the day will be about fun, absurdity, and a little friendly competition.

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Where is the Beer Run taking place?

Participating package stores in Milford, CT. Locations will be posted on our Facebook page and Instagram.

What time is the Beer Run?

You have from 11 AM to 6 PM to go to any 5 of the participating businesses.

Where does the Beer Run start?

This is not a road race, and there is no starting line or finishing line. Participants start wherever they want to start, visit whichever participating businesses they want, take whatever route they want, and get to their destinations using whatever means of transportation they want.

Isn’t this the wrong time to be holding an event?

This is the perfect time. We all need a little levity and fun to get us through these strange days.

Cancer doesn’t stop and wait. Neither can we. Some clinical trials will not run because of funding shortfalls. There is no treatment for DIPG, the deadliest form of pediatric brain cancer. Clinical trials currently offer the only hope for kids with this cancer. Serena was accepted to a clinical trial, but died before it took place. Still, knowing she had that chance gave her hope. With an average survival time of 9-12 months, many of the children currently suffering from DIPG will die without hope, and without a chance. These kids don’t have a lot of time, and they need your help.

What steps are you taking in light of COVID 19?

We are guided by science. Clinical trials for children with brain tumors have been shut down because COVID 19 has overwhelmed hospitals.

We do not have a lot in the way of love or tolerance for people who ignore science, exacerbate human suffering, and endanger the vulnerable. The Beer Run is structured to ensure that participants are unlikely to be at the same place at the same time. If more than one person or family arrives at the same place at the same time, we will have marked waiting areas to ensure physical separation. We will have a physical barrier between event staff and participants. Contact surfaces and objects will be disinfected continuously—those beer pong balls will get a bleach bath after every use. If any individual wants to participate, but does not want to be anywhere near other humans (because of the virus or for their own reasons) we will pass them their playing card through a crack in their car window, using disinfected tongs. This is a COVID-conscious event.

What if Connecticut is put back into lockdown before the event?

 If the governor puts the state back into lockdown, participants will still get a poker hand and compete for prizes by proxy. We will stream the event and draw 5 cards for all participants.

Where does the money go?

Every dime we raise goes directly to The Cure Starts Now (CSN) to support pediatric brain cancer research.

Contact Us

Questions, comments, concerns? Please reach out to 

Kristen Arisian - Milford, Connecticut Chapter Director | 203-951-1501